How to Contribute

So you want to know how to contribute, eh? Don't worry, it's simple!

You'll need these three things:

Part 1

I'm assuming that you've already got a video in mind.
Head over to and get the url.


The second item may be a bit trickier to get a hold of.
Usually, you can find lyrics using Google.

After you've got those lyrics, there's just a bit of formatting you might have to do:

  • Each new line with be displayed one by one.
  • A blank space (two new lines) equates to a pause in singing.


Singing, singing!
More singing!

Resume singing after a pause!

Once you've got the above, paste it in the correctly labeled boxes and press Next

Part 2

Here's where it gets tricky, but only just a bit.

The goal is to match the lyrics on the left to the vocals in real-time.

Here's a basic overview.

  • Press Space to Play/Pause the video. You can also click on the Play/Pause buttons the video control, but the former is just more convenient.
  • Press to move to the next line.
  • Press to move back one line (if you move on too early).

Enabling Backtrack means that the video playback goes back to the beginning of the previous lyric (time-wise) allowing for more precise corrections.

You can also seek through the video (use the slider in the video controls) to skip large sections of non-vocal space or go back and correct mistakes.

Warning: Seeking backwards will probably overwrite existing work. Use with caution.

The highlighted text is the line that will be played with the video at that time.

Keep in mind, you can go back and correct any errors. You can pause and play the video as many times as you want. This doesn't have to be done all in one try.

Once you're done compiling your masterpiece, press Finalize.

Part 3

Yay! You're done. That wasn't that hard, was it? Unless there is already of copy of that video in our library, it should be updated immediately.

Enjoy your Karaoke Party!