Welcome! Since you're here, I'm guessing that you have questions.
Luckily, we've got a whole page of answers.

What is this?

What's in a name? Youtube Karaoke is a library of captioned videos for karaoke. Lyrics/Subtitles/Captions are added to Youtube videos by contributors and are put into our library.

Still don't understand? That's okay! Try it out by going to our library and watching one.

What features are there?

The realtime video lyrics, for one.

In addition, there is an optional, experimental Karaoke Mode* you can enable at the bottom of every video. Turning it on lets you use your microphone to do some actual karaoke!

*Not available for all web browsers. Also, beware of feedback when using it.

I can't see the lyrics?

Simply enable Closed Captioning for the video (the CC button next to the Volume Controls).

How can I contribute?

Excellent! We always need more contributors. Click here to learn how to contribute.

I'm a geek. Give me the details.

Sure! What you see here is basically Youtube Videos in a JWPlayer wrapper.

Why JWPlayer, you might ask?

Because it provides the perfect integration of Youtube and WebVTT, the tracks/captions/subtitles standard for HTML5 video.

The website itself is built on Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript (jQuery).

The server-side backend is powered by PHP and MySQL.